Eve Henderson and Holly

A born and raised Californian, I am still living in my hometown of McFarland and live in the little house where my one sister and four brothers and I grew up and attended school.


I am, however, an inveterate road-trip junkie and self-confessed travel addict who enjoys most those trips when I can take my dogs along. Honey, Hunter, Cookie, Madden and Missy are seasoned travelers themselves and handle even the longest road trips with grace and patience.


I’m a retired elementary school teacher who spent years in arts administration after graduating from UC Irvine. The good Lord has given me passion for animal advocacy and writing, and I spend most of my time developing one or the other of those causes. This combination of interests -- writing and championing shelter or abandoned dogs -- has resulted in a line of greeting cards, bookmarks and children’s books, including Missy’s Pillow and Beautiful Rosie.

Featured Above: Eve and Hunter

Below: Eve's adventures with all of her canine companions... Holly (11/8/2002 - 5/6/2018), Honey, Hunter, Cookie, Madden, and Missy.