Many children have strength as yet undiscovered. My education programs tap into this strength. Invite me into your classrooms to read from one of my stories about dogs, and listen to the fascinating dialogue that ensues. Students share experiences and ask questions that amaze me. They see things on the streets and in their own homes that trouble them. On my school visits, I use what happened to Missy and Rosie and other dogs I’ve had a hand in rescuing to guide discussion towards the beauty of kindness and the strength of compassion and their power to change the world --- change that can start with one small dog and spread to other children, families and the community.


I can share my own version of the writing process, which I love and taught for many years, or the process of publishing, or the thrill of writing about what you know and have lived and want to share or change.


This outreach is appropriate for any grade K-12. Kids light up when I walk onto campus with one of my dogs. Book sales, discounted for schools, can be a part of my visit or not, it’s up to you. Read Across America is a wonderful time to book me for a visit. If your curriculum includes an animal story or story of community involvement, that’s right up my alley, too. Or get creative and have me do something unique or fun.

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